Welcome to Diego Pellicer,
the world’s first brand of premium marijuana.

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Diego Pellicer* is the first retail brand in the United States focused exclusively on legal, premium marijuana for pleasure and creative pursuits.  It is important for us to emphasize that everything we do, is and always will be, completely legal.  While the federal government has not yet weighed in officially on how it will respond to Washington State’s Initiative 502, we are committed to building our business under the assumption that the federal government will permit us to operate in the states of Washington and Colorado, and eventually other states, as they adopt their own specific initiatives.  We believe the writing is on the wall that marijuana will become legal in the entirety of the US in the next decade or so.

Our exclusive focus on premium marijuana products is very intentional: we believe that marijuana should be consumed responsibly and in moderation.  Simply put, it should be savored, analogous to how one enjoys a fine cigar, a premium chocolate or cognac.  And we believe that while medical marijuana should be made available to those patients who need it at low-cost, premium marijuana for pleasure, creativity and relaxation should be considered more of an occasional luxury.

Our products will be 100% safe, with guaranteed consistent quality, to be enjoyed legally, by responsible adults, in responsible quantities.  We will offer a premium-quality, hand-crafted product. Think of us as the “Davidoff of marijuana,” with great attention given from genetics to the finished product.

*Pronounced “Payee-Sayr”