Deigo Pellicer - Retailer of Fine Marijuana

Vice Governor Diego Pellicer

Diego Pellicer was Vice Governor of the Island of Cebu in the Philippines 1890 – 1898, when it was a Colony of Spain.
He was the Largest Hemp Grower in the World during the height of the Spanish Empire and supplied the Spanish Armada with Hemp Rope during the Spanish American War.  He was killed by the Americans during the War.

Jamen Shively, former Microsoft Corporate Strategy Manager, is the Founder & Executive Director of Diego Pellicer, Inc. and is also the Great Grandson of Vice Governor Pellicer.

Jamen Shively Diego Pellicer Founder

Jamen Shively, Founder

Jamen has a background in engineering and marketing, with specialties in artificial intelligence, the modeling and optimization of complex systems, logistics, manufacturing, and the creation and positioning of new categories of products and services. Prior to founding Diego Pellicer Inc., Jamen worked for Microsoft as Corporate Strategy Manager, where he focused on the creation and development of new categories of software products and online services. Preceding his Microsoft career he headed Shively International Inc., which built and operated both cybercafés and educational computer centers in Mexico. Before founding Shively International, he worked for Cemex in Mexico and was the designer of the Tactical System for Cemex, which, using an artificial intelligence technology which Jamen developed, determines the optimal production and distribution plan for all of Cemex cement products worldwide. Just prior to founding Diego Pellicer Inc., Jamen founded and headed the online marketplace for the specialty food industry, Findood.

Jamen completed his undergraduate work at U.C. Berkeley in Civil Engineering, and did graduate work at M.I.T. and U.C. Berkeley in Civil Engineering and Materials Science. He is a Fellow of the National Science Foundation.

Peter Norris

Peter Norris, CEO

Peter Norris, CEO: Peter Norris has been in the horticultural business for over 37 years.  He began the journey in 1976 with his first design company P&G Plant Company out of Portland Oregon, which was one of the first companies to pioneer the interior landscape industry. Over the next twenty years he built P&G into a nation wide interior & exterior landscape business with clients such as Nordstrom, Four Season Hotels, Embassy Suites, Neiman Marcus and many other commercial clients. P&G was later sold to a Fortune 500 company. Peter joined that company to do a roll up in the landscape industry throughout the US, being responsible for mergers and acquisitions and all aspects of multi branch operations in the US.

In 1980 he established his first nursery in Florida with 240,000 square feet of greenhouse space growing tropical plants and was very successful doing so for over 18 years. During that time, P&G Plant Company established a 30 acre Greenhouse/Nursery operation with over 350,000 square feet of greenhouse space, specializing in perennials and annuals production in both Oregon and Washington. The nursery operation was sold to the tenth largest growing operation in the country. Peter joined their team to become the sales and marketing director working directly with all major retail box stores. Designing programs that established brand development & in depth sales and marketing directions. During the first year, Peter increased that company’s revenue 31%.

In 2000, Peter opened Peter Norris Home & Garden, where he designed his own line of interior and exterior furniture and accessories, including many large scale garden elements that were produced all over the world and sold throughout the United States and Europe. Products were sold to clients such as Smith & Hawkins, Restoration Hardware, Costco, Starbucks, Interior designers, architects, specialty retailers and many other wholesale distributors.

For the last 15 years, Peter has been consulting clients on how to effectively integrate an adopted brand strategy across all touch points and create systems to deliver on brand experiences internally and externally, including brand development, sales and marketing strategy and execution, creative design-visual identity.

John B. Davis

John B. Davis

John B. Davis: John Davis is an entrepreneur and drug policy activist in Seattle, WA.  After managing the oldest and longest running medical cannabis dispensary in the state, Compassion In Action, John founded Northwest Patient Resource Center where he currently serves as the organization’s Chief Executive Officer.

John has worked on cannabis policy for over 20 years with the leaders of the policy reform movement.  His first board position served was for Hemp Initiative Projects of Washington State in 1993 where he served as the organization’s Treasurer.  He started volunteering for Seattle Hempfest in 1994 and was elected to the production company’s Board of Directors in 2001 where he currently serves as the Chairman of the Board.  John works on the political strategy on behalf of the organization and works with Vivian McPeak on negotiations with the stakeholders and the Special Events Committee of the City of Seattle.

John is a founder of the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics (CCSE) and currently serves as the Executive Director of the industry group.  He also chairs the CCSE Access Point Subcommittee.  John is on the Board of Directors of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), the Cannabis Defense Coalition (CDC) and is on the Advisory Board for Blue Sage Microbes and Life Sense Technologies.  He taught “The Business of Cannabis” at Care Wellness.  John’s current project is working with Jamen Shively and former Mexican President Vicente Fox in creating an international dialog about cannabis policy reform.

Daniela Bernhard, Founder & General Manager NPWRC

Daniela Bernhard

Daniela Bernhard: Founder, Partner, and General Manager of Northwest Patient Resource Center, has been a vital member of the team since its inception in 2011. Savvy and professional, she has over 17 years of organizational and management experience in the retail, hospitality, cannabis, and fashion advertising industries. In addition, she founded and headed her own successful business in internet retail sales. She has broad knowledge of cannabis, superior vendor relations, is a positive and motivating manager, and a creative problem solver.

Daniela played a key role in creating and implementing the policies and procedures which position NWPRC as the most respected cannabis business in Washington. She is known and respected in the Seattle cannabis community as a businesswoman of integrity as well as for running a tight ship in which quality of product and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance.

She is active in the National Cannabis Business Association, Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics, NORML Women’s Alliance, and Women of Weed.

Jake Dimmock, Partner & Cannabis Quality Control Manager, NWPRC

Jake Dimmock

Jake Dimmock: Partner and Cannabis Quality Assurance Manager for Northwest Patient Resource Center, began his horticultural career at age 13 assisting at a large nursery in his home town of Norfolk, Virginia. He later served as Horticulturist for Virginia International Terminals, and this association led him to a career as a US Merchant Mariner.

Jake traveled extensively throughout the U.S. working as a Cargo Officer aboard numerous oil barges. His responsibilities included safely loading and offloading petroleum cargo, a very sensitive position.
After serving a successful 16 year maritime career, Jake returned to his other passion and interest in Horticulture, now growing cannabis.

His southern charm, unique career background, deep knowledge of cannabis, combined with superior natural sales ability, makes Jake a tremendous asset to this dynamic team and invaluable to Diego Pellicer.